I deployed the contract, but when viewed on the block, it shows 404


This is the block browser link displayed in the wallet transaction record.

Can you please confirm if you are on the correct and updated wallet that you can find here?


Of course, it has been updated to the latest version and network.

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If you are still encountering the issue, can you please help me to reproduce it, as its working perfectly fine in my wallet?

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Of course, the address of the block browser has already been uploaded. Then you can view it through the link. Can you show me your successful address link?

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Here is my txn link.

You can check it, but mine shows 404,

Different types, I used to create contracts.

There should be a problem with the code

I have reported the bug and they have confirmed the issue and the team is working on it

The contracts I deployed later can all be redirected to the block browser correctly. thanks,bro~