Fuel Explorer Beta-4 Does not find a contract

Hey Fuel Labs, am really excited to test out the beta-4,

I’m going through the Quick Start development tutorial

and successfully deployed my Counter contract with ID


but the Fuel explorer
cannot find the contract.

I’m sorry if this is a wrong thread, I couldn’t find an Explorer-related section in the Forum nor Discord.

Fronten tutorial worked greatly with the above Contract ID specified. So it is definitely an explorer issue.


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Hey @serejke glad to see you here! :slight_smile:

The current block explorer only looks for two things: transaction Ids and account addresses. It doesn’t bother with contracts or block hashes. Apologies with the confusion but we are currently working on a new implementation of the block explorer.

Using the graphql playground I can see that your contract does exist on the beta-4 blockchain.

query {
  contract(id: "0x9083a6b74bfc94fc0c3ac711a8bc9e0237d0af431a7af06af0a8106ec89d35ea") {


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