IMPORTANT: Why is setting test wallet page down?

The generate test wallet page is down? Can you get that up asap?

I reckon it was replaced by the new test utilities added here.

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Does this mean that this is obsolete in generating test wallets?

Hello @eesheng, how are you?

Please let me ask you, where did you find the given documentation link?

I was under the impression that this page does not exist within the TS SDK documentation section. It appears to be from the Rust SDK docs: Setting Up Test Wallets.

If you found this link within the TS SDK docs section, please let us know so we can address and correct it promptly.

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Hi, I did visit the page before. I then use the site for reference fixing the " Error: not enough coins to fit the target".

The error actually came from setting up the simple counter dApp

I was updating the codes to generateTestWallet of which it has another error again. You can see what problem am I facing and solving here.

Upon the solution and redeveloping my own dApp of which I would love to discuss further in the future with you guys on deploying on mainnet as well as ecosystem. I found out there was some issue again, hence revisiting the cache that has the original documentation link.

Will the generateTestWallet be depreciated? How long would the new feature and documentation be out?
I would need the test wallet asap so that I can further test in local node.

@eesheng Apologies for the confusion.

As mentioned by @anderson, the page did exist, but it was replaced by a new page due to the implementation of a new and useful test utility: Fuel TS SDK | Fuel Docs.

With the launchTestNode utility, you can easily launch a node and define a set of configurations. For instance, if you want to start a node with 2 funded wallets:

    using launched = await launchTestNode({
      walletsConfig: {
        count: 2,

    const {
      wallets: [wallet1, wallet2],
    } = launched;

We do not have the plan to deprecate generateTestWallet.

It can still be imported from:

import { generateTestWallet } from '@fuel-ts/account/test-utils';

Does this mean that we no longer need to follow the instructions provided at this link: Running a Local Node | Fuel Docs where we clone the chain configuration from Git and execute fuel-core run --db-type in-memory --debug --snapshot ./your/path/to/chain_config_folder /?

What happens if we still follow these instructions? Are there potential conflicts?

Please update this page to include information about any conflicts that may arise. I believe it would benefit everyone. :+1:

Which version includes this new update?

With this new update, it seems like there’s less need for generateTestWallet. Are there any different features available now?

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