Let's add configurables argument to createInstance static function

Would be great to add configurable argument to createInstance function

export class LimitOrderPredicateAbi__factory {

  static readonly abi = _abi
  static readonly bin = _bin;

  static createInstance(provider?: Provider) {

    const { abi, bin } = LimitOrderPredicateAbi__factory

    const predicate = new Predicate(bin, abi, provider);

    return predicate;



Good idea @sway! I’ve raised the following issue. I might try take a look over the next week or so. I assume this is just for the improvement in user experience, and not a blocker for you?

Yep, exactly) I am not blocked by this, thanks for keeping updated :+1:

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Hey @sway , just thought I’d let you know that this is now supported through this PR and is available in fuels@0.44.2.


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