Maybe a typo in the Quickstart Frontend guide

I was working through the Quickstart Frontend guide and noticed what I think might be a small typo. In the “Generating contract types” section at the very end it says “…and generate a complete TypeScript interface to the Contract, making easy to develop.”

i’m thinking it should maybe say “… making it easy to develop” or “…making it easier to develop”.

Not sure where to notify the team, so I’m doing so here. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the EXCELLENT guide! I got my first contract deployed and front end working!

Here’s the link to the page I’m talking about

block explorer link to the contract I deployed just for fun: Fuel explorer

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Hi @taylorhaun , thanks so much for pointing that out! And that’s awesome, congrats on your first Fuel dapp! :tada:

@sarah has added and merged your suggestion here! Welcome to Fuel @taylorhaun glad to have you here :muscle:

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awesome glad I could help. In the future, should I just go straight to submitting a PR in GitHub?

That would be nice yea :slight_smile:

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