Protocol Fees for Rollup Operators?

Curious to know if there is any plans to add “protocol” level fees to the Fuel rollup network?

Similar to how the Optimism Superchain operates i.e. Base pays X percentage of network fees back to the Optimism Foundation?

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Hi @metasudo ,

We are certainly considering this, but we also want to actually achieve decentralized sequencing much sooner than most other projects, so we won’t have the single funnel builder for nearly as long as these projects.

In that sense, with decentralized building, we allow for more of the community to participate in block building and earn fees themselves.

We also have plans for projects to sequence their own apps for a period of time, which should allow them to have their own fee funnels as well.

Thanks for the response @nick

That makes a lot of sense and actually answers another question I had.

Since parallelization implies you don’t actually need to care about the whole chain state, I was wondering how sequencers would operate and if there could be N sequencers each processing different parts of the rollup.

What do you mean by “sequence their own apps for a period of time” though?

Why not indefinitely?

For example Uniswap drives a lot of transaction volume on current L2s but all of that value goes to rollup operators i.e. I believe Base made $6+ million last month but if I was Uniswap I would probably want to permanently run a sequencer to receive my fair share of value generation, without having to do all the hard work of starting/growing a new rollup.

This actually gets at something that’s very early in our research pipeline: the ability to “shard” the execution/validation of transactions across different entities, potentially even sharding different components of the same transaction (since various predicates inside a transaction can be validated in parallel).

But as I mentioned, very early in our research.