Redirecting From Fuel Book to Fuel Docs

Today I was exploring Fuel . I found a bug when i click the Fuel Book link The Fuel Book - The Fuel Book found on the Fuel Forum, it is redirecting to another page . I mostly sure that the official docs link is the second one , also the info in the docs is not complete. The docs not talking about the Fuel Blockchain. It’s just a kickstart to development. I like the Gitbook of Fuel, but it’s redirecting to the docs link. why don’t you maintain Fuel Book ?. Solve the bug.

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Hey @MaheenK0x7 nice to see you here!

We’re currently encouraging everyone to transition to the new documentation, although it’s still being refined. Please note that the old fuel book is now outdated. Rest assured, we’re working to update the Docs Hub with the latest information shortly.

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