seedTestWallet doesn't seem to be able to fund my testwallet

I’m trying to generate a new test wallet and fund it using seedTestWallet, but getting the error “not enough resources to fit the target”. Am I missing a step or using this wrong?

Repo: GitHub - ewynx/predicate-practice-client1 at seedTestWallet-tryout
Specific line where using seedTestWallet: predicate-practice-client1/App.tsx at seedTestWallet-tryout · ewynx/predicate-practice-client1 · GitHub

I looked through the code in fuels-ts/packages/fuel-gauge/test-projects at master · FuelLabs/fuels-ts · GitHub, but couldn’t find any additional info for my issue.

IIRC, the seedTestWallet utility is meant to be used with a local node only.

On the beta-3 network, you might want to use the faucet to send funds to your wallet:


that makes sense… I was only trying with testnet. And indeed using the faucet to fund my testwallet, but it seemed easier to be able to make some wallet on the fly and fund them.

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