[SPARK] On Beta-5, wallets become unusable after some time due to an "Insufficient fee" error

Hi! So when writing a Rust order matcher with the fuels crate, all my test accounts eventually become unusable with this error message:
[15:11:51][ERROR] An error occurred while matching: IO error: Response errors; Validity(InsufficientFeeAmount { expected: 326087, provided: 323226 })

I’m sorry I cannot provide a specific scenario to reproduce, but it would usually go like this:

  1. I create a new wallet with Fuelet Wallet (Chrome)
  2. I take test Ether from the faucet
  3. I start testing the matcher: creating test orders, matching them, then creating more etc.
  4. Eventually at some point, all blockchain operations with this wallet start erroring out with the error above, with no way to fix it
  5. I create a new account, get some test Ether and start testing the matcher: all is good again and the problem disappears.
  6. At some point, the problem starts happening on the new wallet too and everything repeats again.

I unfortunately don’t know of an easier or more reliable way to reproduce this. The only way is, I have a wallet and a private key for which this problem already exists. If needed, I can give it to you: it’s a test account, so it’s of no importance.

P.S. This is using the fuels crate version 0.55.1 on Manjaro Linux, on Beta 5 (related to my comment in #1342 on GitHub.


Hi, thanks for informing us of this issue.

Since you are testing on beta-5, would you be able to share the relevant wallet address and/or transaction id so that we have some more insight into what is happening here?

Hi, thanks for the response! Unfortunately, I can’t provide the transaction ID, because the transaction’s Result returns Error, and the tx_id is in the Ok type (FuelCallResponse)… But I can provide the wallet address, and the “good” part here is that I think almost any transaction on that wallet should return this error, so this should be easy to reproduce.

Here’s the wallet address: fuel1aeh0ruymh5j9syvldjm7zxsf2v2tua7pm2fn9hd9vn9ps5gw9txs9m4ngc.
Let me know if I can provide anything else, and thanks for the help!

Links to related open GitHub issues:

Will ensure the Rust SDK is reviewing this.