Unable to import existing wallet when running fuel node

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  • Fuel node doesn’t accept existing wallet already used for testnets
  • After trying to import wallet I get error

@sarah please any idea how to resolve this so that I don’t have to create new wallet for the node I’m running?

Hey @Aybeee,

I’m not too sure I understand your question. Can you provide me with more information, please?

Thanks i was able to resolve it

Kindly assist with this

debug error

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@sarah pls assist with the debug error in the screenshot

Hey @Aybeee, could you please update to the beta-5 toolchain? It seems like you’re using an outdated version of fuel-core. Make sure you have the updated version of the chain spec associated with beta-5 as well. :blush:

  • To install Beta 5, run: fuelup toolchain install beta-5
  • Set it as the default with: fuelup default beta-5

Thank you very much i really appreciate

please how do i solve this when deploying without signin key. error 'forc.toml in /root or any parent directory

When deploying, as outlined in this section of the tutorial, it is essential to possess a signing key: Building a Smart Contract | Fuel Docs.

By access do you mean wallet private key?

Can you provide a screenshot of the error?

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