Transaction for bridging assets from ethereum to fuel is absent

I’ve tried to use the bridge to transfer some ETH from Ethereum Sepolia network to Fuel’s beta-4. I see the change in the balance of the fuel account, but I don’t see the transaction.

This can be demonstrated on the account fuel1g4cqzn3cg2v5d5rj96t7r3y0qayl9qdq2mmhq8m5upr7wry2ykaq8gdnw3.

According to the explorer, it doesn’t have any transactions, but has a balance of 0.0001 ETH, which was bridged from Sepolia network.

Here’s the transaction on Sepolia: 0x7fbcaeb09717f2f51a62710e4c0cdd354139794102c2f83dee1eae6ee7be9ad1

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Hi there!
Depositing ETH do not create a transaction on Fuel but a MessageCoin.

Let me know if you have further questions.

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Thanks! Where can I read about this? I thought that all asset transfers should be done via transactions

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The base asset (asset_id == 0x0000…) does not require transaction, it just deposits a utxo into their account directly.

I couldn’t find any specific reference for this so I’m adding this to the backlog.