Unable to join to discord

Hi. I tried to join to Discord but was banned. Can anyone help me?
Discord handle: .mr.frank.

Hey there, you don’t appear as banished on Discord, please try again to join

I’m still unable to join. Check it again, please. My handle is “.mr.frank.” (with 3 dots)

You don’t appear as banished or anywhere that could prevent you from joining. Make sure you activate 2FA on your Discord and try deactivating your VPN before trying again to join.
Another thing we can do to get you in is send me your unique user ID, to get it, right-click on your profile, and click on Copy User ID.
I may be able to unlock the situation if I have it.

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I still can not join.
My user id is 1110766267419349012

I’m sorry @Mr.Frank , but I have no solution for you; I can’t find you in the bans in any way. You should be able to join the server. Can you try to join with another account?