Unable to restore my wallet created with forc wallet new

Hi all,

I created a wallet using “forc wallet new” to test Fuel and deploy contracts on the testnet. During the process a 24 words seed phrase was generated and I copied and saved it.
However, when I try to restore the wallet in Fuelet it does not work.
I repeated the process with a newly generated wallet to ensure that I did not make an error when copying the seed phrase but I encountered the same error.

Why is it not working on Fuel, and how can I restore my wallet?

And also how can I get the private key so that I can try to restore it on Fuel Wallet ?

Thank you.


hey, bro, maybe ,you can try this: “forc wallet import XXXX”, XXXX is your phrase

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Hey @Basicker you’re right I appreciate you bringing up that importing using the seed phrase does not work. I will inform the Fuelet team.

Using the forc CLI you can try forc wallet account 0 private-key where 0 is the index of the private key. I can confirm that using this method works.

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Hi @calldelegation
I was able to restore my wallet using the pk I retrieved using this command.
Thank you

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