Seed phrase recovery - not working. Stuck on password creation stage

Fuel seed phrase
I was using Fuel wallet version 13.0. something last time, so it was Fuel beta4. Now i tried to recover my wallet and receive error.

I found that i should try to import seed phrase manually. So i did it, and after creation password and pressing knob “Next: Finish set-up” - nothing happens, page remaining the same, wallet is not recovering.

I tried to reinstall wallet completely - same issue.

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Hi @emboadec the message seems to suggest you are not using the correct seed phrase. when you initially saved the seed phrase did you write it down or take a screen short ? or how did you save it ?

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First of all, i tried to paste from my excel by Copy/Paste. I pretty sure that is is correct because i was using recovery few times before for this wallet in previous versions + it is written on the paper.

There are a bunch of peoiple who has same issue with recovery phrase in Fuel network discord and here on the forum. Fuel wallet has issue with this feature. The devs should solve it.

I was deploying app and contracts on this wallet and i lost all my history/time/effort due to this issue.

You can also try to use the command line tools and see if you can import your wallet and successfully deploy a contract.

but also remember all the tools are still in testnet so if something breaks or you loose your data nothing has monetary value

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same issue. I’ve tried to update my wallet from 0.13 to 0.15 in extensions menu, no way. Then i’ve reinstalled Fuel wallet from Chrome extensions shop and my seed phrase did not matched.

Yeah Just tried it also