What is Sway Swap?

Sway Swap is a Uniswap-like decentralized application running on Fuel. You can read more about Sway Swap here:


Sway Swap uses a Burner wallet that encourages adaptation in the Ethereum network, and is also easy to use to move small amounts of cryptocurrency in the ecosystem and at events.

It sort of demonstrates to users how Fuel works.


What are the projections in 5 years time, with respect to development?

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When Sway swap is gonna be on testnet v2?

Will there be an airdrop for testers when the main network opens?

Hello. But. It’s gonna be on v2 or not?

i dont think fuel will give us clear answer (but most likely they will tell "no rewards for testnet) :slight_smile:


as always in a good and big projects!

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thank you for your helpful topic @sarah :wink:


Thank for information

Do you have an stimate date for Sway swap on beta 2?

Thanks for sharing, would be interesting to read

Do you have further plans for swayswap after main net launch?