When fuel wallet lauch on mainnet

When we can use fuel wallet frequently I’m excited to use it are you?


Yeah, very much looking forward to Fuel smooth main web launch, we want to see the success of the modular blockchain, look forward to it!


Also I want to know how many fases of tesnets are gonna be?

Please take it easy guy. allow the team to spend a lot of time testing so that when launch on mainnet, there will be no bugs. And gradually build commu together.if you have time, you can collec Badges by following Forum Badges (how to learn all forum features and get all the badges?)


that’s interesting question :slight_smile:

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what that badges will give?

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just for fun :slight_smile:

may be have rewards in future just guess

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haha, or maybe not :slight_smile:


My question is the fuel wallet is gonna be compatible with other blockchains?


Its a proof that you are real comunity member :wink:

Why the wallet does not register the txs on hystory?

Hey @Fher if you look at the hamburger button on the top right, inside you can find the transaction history! If you find a feature is missing or encounter any bugs feel free to open up an issue on our github. :slight_smile:

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I guess, mainnet in Nov-DEC 2023

Yes. Thanks . But atleast in my wallet it only shows the txs from one month ago. The recient txs are not showing