A question for the team

Fuel is designed to be run in different network configs which is ETH & Consensus.

  1. Which is the canonical config that you are planning to launch with? Ethereum for D&A, Consensus, and Settlement?

  2. If the answer to 1 is “Ethereum”, then why not Celestia? I recall the two organizations being close to each other.

  3. At a high level, doesn’t this approach fragment liquidity and impair UX? Users will need to know which Fuel network to use among a sea of options.

Hi there!
Thanks for reaching out.

  1. We’ll launch on Ethereum first.
  2. Among other reasons, because Ethereum is mature enough in terms of decentralization, liquidity and security.
  3. We plan on launching one ‘canonical’ Fuel chain, then plan to help other projects build their own chains using the Fuel Stack, in line with the AppChain/RollApp thesis.

Let me know if this does solve your question.