Introducing Fuel: the Rollup OS for Ethereum

Introducing Fuel: the Rollup OS for Ethereum

Fuel is an operating system purpose-built for Ethereum rollups.

In Dec 2020, Fuel Labs launched Fuel V1, the first optimistic rollup on Ethereum, and the first to achieve stage 2 security status. Over the past three years, the team has continued to evolve the design and is excited to announce that Fuel mainnet will be launching in Q3, 2024.

Today, we unveil the vision that will shape the future of Fuel as we prepare to launch the most powerful system for rollups on Ethereum, and the first rollup in the Fuel Network.

In short, Fuel is an operating system purpose-built for Ethereum Rollups, designed to help developers build decentralized economies at scale.

To enable the rollup-centric future set by the Ethereum Foundation, a new type of architecture specifically geared towards the needs of Ethereum rollups, is required.

Fuel is designed to incorporate the strongest features of all previous blockchains, namely Bitcoin’s UTXO model, Solana’s parallelization, Ethereum’s security, Move’s asset-oriented design, and Cosmos’s interoperability and VM customization.

Along with all of these features comes the state-minimized execution to create a package purpose-built for Ethereum rollups.

Offering an unprecedented combination of performance, interoperability, and sustainability for rollups, customizability and security for developers, and a seamless experience for users.

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that sounds awesome!

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nice work to simplificate docs 's fuel on the rollup os

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