What is the main direction of Fuel?

What is the main direction of Fuel? let’s discuss


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I think this blog post is a really good starting point for understanding Fuel’s direction as a whole. The blog post discusses ethereum alignment and more. Check it out here: Announcing “Beta-2”: Fuel's Second Public Testnet


I think it can be the solution for ethereum scalability. I like that the team is thinking out of the box.

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What is Fuel?
Fuel is the fastest execution layer for the modular blockchain stack, delivering the highest security and flexible throughput.

I think this is a good answer for that. There are also many excellent articles in the blog and somewhere else introduicng Fuel and modular execution. Here are some:
The Case for Modular Execution (Part 1)
The Case for Modular Execution (Part 2)
The Fuel for Fast Execution


Fuel V2 will likely initially serve as an execution layer on top of Ethereum. When Celestia goes live, Fuel may also be built on top of it, that’s my thought. Fuel is flexible.


It is mainly used as an execution layer, but of course he can also be used as L1, L2, sidechain, etc. I think his main direction is still the mission of “changing the blockchain”, LOL