Add support for Rabby Wallet to the Fuel Bridge

No rush but would love to see Rabby Wallet added as a connector to the Fuel Bridge website

Web3Modal seems to be unable to connect to it under the guise of MetaMask unlike RainbowKit, so I think explicit support for it is required

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Hey @haardikkk, it’s great to see you active in the forum. I’m a big fan of Rabby’s work. By the way, are you using a different version of the bridge? I’m currently able to use Rabby with this link: Fuel Portal.

I’m having the exact same issue. Relevant detail: it still worked fine in Beta 4 but not with Beta 5 after I updated the Fuel wallet.

hey @calldelegation are there any plans to fix this for the updated bridge of beta-5? Fuel Portal

I was also trying to connect my MetaMask but it was not connecting, it just kept telling me to retry. Is there a team actively working on the integration?

Not sure if the team is actually following issues, but a recent update of Fuel Bridge has resolved this issue for me (since about a week).