Bridge when use Rabby Wallet

The problem is , that i dont recive tokens when i try to use Rabby Wallet in bridge dapp
On any dapps work ok.
When i back to metamask, dont work bridge.
I see in history on bridge just deposit, but i didnt recive coins deposit and withdraw on bridge in wallet on fuel and metamask.
I change the browser to chrome, and try it and dont resolve the problem.
MacOS, Brave+Chrome

Hey @atumito, were you trying to withdraw from fuel or deposit on fuel? Also, just FYI the currently supported network on the bridge is beta-5 and the testnet support will be live soon.

Another thing is that you won’t actually see the tokens in the MetaMask wallet directly, and will only see them in the browser dapps themselves.

Is there some way to still withdraw my sepolia eth from beta-5 staging network? Kinda expected it would be moved to the public testnet but clearly wasn’t :worried:

You can get some more from the testnet faucet.