Deploy a Contract

Hello there, i got an issue wen i deploying smart contract. IDK what is wrong. but the issue you can see on the screenschot attached bellow. this is my first time deploying a contract with ubuntu. please help. thanks for the atteniton


Can you check to make sure you have the beta-3 toolchain installed?

You can install that as your default with the commands below:

fuelup toolchain install beta-3
fuelup default beta-3
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nothing change, still getting the same issue. any other way? i already on beta-3 toolchain

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Error: Failed to compile counter-contract

Oh thanks for letting me know! It looks like there was a recent update to the beta-3 toolchain that includes a breaking change to storage. We will update the quickstart ASAP!

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Ok, waiting for it! Keep it up!


The breaking changes to the beta-3 toolchain were just rolled back, so if you update your toolchain with the command fuelup update everything should work.

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ok sarah, give me some minutes to try

still getting same issues. idk what is wrong with my work

What do you see if you run fuelup show ?

installed toolchains

latest-x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu (default)

active toolchain

latest-x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu (default)
forc : 0.38.0
- forc-client
- forc-deploy : 0.38.0
- forc-run : 0.38.0
- forc-doc : 0.38.0
- forc-explore : 0.28.1
- forc-fmt : 0.38.0
- forc-index : Error getting version string
- forc-lsp : 0.38.0
- forc-tx : 0.38.0
- forc-wallet : 0.2.2
fuel-core : 0.17.11
fuel-indexer : Error getting version string

Ubuntu that i used :
Ubuntu 22.04.2 LTS (GNU/Linux x86_64)

Ahh so you are using the latest toolchain as your default. To use the beta-3 toolchain run the commands below:

fuelup toolchain install beta-3
fuelup default beta-3

do i can continue my work without reset my ubuntu and run the beta-3 toolchain?

Yes the toolchain should be all you need to update.

Very nice project i know fuel will solve alot of things