Can't join discord server

Im also can’t log in :roll_eyes:

same problem , i have the quild roles and i joined discord server and one day later i was banned.
can you pls check it?
my discord name is multiverse97

Hey ! can you hear me ? mr Rubyto

Hey there,

You don’t appear as banned on the Discord server. So you’re probably still there, unless you have changed your Discord ID, in that case you need to send me your previous one.

Your banishment has been revoked, you can join the server again sir :saluting_face:

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What is your Discord handle?

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my username

Your banishment has been revoked, feel free to join the server again

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@Rubyto I was banned last year. Please can you revork mine too… __altimate is my username​:pray::sob:

Done. You can join the server again :white_check_mark:

Hi. I tried to join to Discord but was banned. Can you help me?
Discord handle: .mr.frank.