Changing API Key for a running Node

Hey all, newbie here and have a few questions

So I just set up my fuel testnet node according to the guide in the docs and everything seems to be running smoothly.
The only thing i noticed is that i accidentally used an Ethereum Mainnet api key from Alchemy and not the Sepolia API Key. I would expect the node to not work in that case, how come it’s working?

Also, should i change the API key? If yes is there a command to change it or should i just stop the node from running and reset it completely?

Go to Alchemy dashboard, on your app logs you will see that everything is not running smoothly :sweat_smile:

here are my logs

I guess you will need to redo the installation as you follow the instructions.

Its important to know what each step actually does.

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Thank you for your response.

This is exactly what i don’t get, the logs show everything is ok and there are no bad requests :sweat_smile: