Deploying smart contract

If I have already deployed a smart contract on my VPS server in the solana network
can I deploy Sway Smart Contract on the same server?
just following this instruction?

Or do they need to be somehow separated on the server?

Hey @voland, since Solana operates on a completely separate network, by following the Quickstart guide below, you’ll be able to deploy a smart contract in our domain-specific language. This language, called Sway, it is based on Rust and can be deployed onto our beta-5 test network.

I deployed a contract in a new project on Solana
I don’t need to use ports or create separate folders?
Can I connect to the server and immediately enter commands from the guide?

Yes, you should be able to download everything onto your server. However, again please remember that the Fuel network is completely separate from the Solana network.

ok thanks for the help
I thought there would be a conflict between them)

and the last questions, what are the minimum server requirements? and how much free space do you need?

No problem! Happy to help :slight_smile:
You can find the hardware requirements here:

For a smart contract, as I understand it, even less is suitable, right?

If you are just deploying a smart contract it won’t be necessary

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