Discord blocked

Hi @Rubyto,

I’m a dev, i can’t rejoin discord for some reason, can you please look into it ?

old id : Miyamoto#2464 | my current discord id : shaimaa2563

Kind regards,

Anyone here to help with this please ?

Anyone here to help please ?

@Rubyto can you pleease help

Hey @Shaimon sorry about that. We’ll get this sorted for you soon :slight_smile:

Hey there,

Your banishment has been revoked :white_check_mark:

Hi @Rubyto
I lost access to fuel discord and couldn’t join again, it was at a time when my discord got hacked, but I emailed discord support and retrieve access. Please look into my complain. My discord user name is kalyd#4294

How do I contact support?

Hey @kalyd, I revoked your banishment. Please make sure this doesn’t happen again as I won’t be able to help you next time.

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