Explorer not working well

Hello, i want to report that the explorer is not showing my transaction since the last month . and the fuel wallet history give this error .

FuelError: Unknown address format: only ‘Bech32’, ‘B256’, or ‘Public Key (512)’ are supported.
at le.fromDynamicInput (configs-8822a3fa.js:2:110431)
at gS (main-a5f55bd7.js:396:48591)
at D2 (main-a5f55bd7.js:38:19538)
at gk (main-a5f55bd7.js:40:44042)
at hk (main-a5f55bd7.js:40:39774)
at aB (main-a5f55bd7.js:40:39702)
at Zm (main-a5f55bd7.js:40:39555)
at Cb (main-a5f55bd7.js:40:35920)
at F$ (main-a5f55bd7.js:40:36724)
at Sa (main-a5f55bd7.js:38:3279)

can you please share what explorer URL are you looking at?
and for the fuel wallet can you please share the wallet version and what browser and OS are you using?

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the explorer : https://app.fuel.network/
wallet version : Version: 0.22.0
OS :Ubuntu

Thanks, can you share your address as well?

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sure , 0x4969d5134346a5eb16995d2a34db4de778ad847dfa4976225503ce95f4388e54

are there any missing transactions over here Fuel Explorer?

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oh yeah , many . more than 100

share your wallet i will send you some eth it will not appear on the explorer on my side

even if i deploy a contract it doesn’t appear

Thanks for the confirmation, I will share with the team and will look into it

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there is no pagination on “account transactions” page, it will show only 30 txs. that’s why you are not seeing it

in the wallet it’s the same thing but it will show 1000 txs.

we have plans to add this missing features on explorer but it’s not yet prioritized, it will be soon.

a way out if you need to find this data is querying directly and play with first/last params on fuel-core graphql api:

something like:

query {
  transactionsByOwner(owner: "0x5502f46f90c3c68c85489b1f57ae6146c81e8549daf408574e3a9a0bb80c4ba0", first: 10) {
    nodes {

about the “Fuel Error: Unknown address format…”

this is the PR to fix it on the wallet.

it should come on next wallet version by Monday/Tuesday.

it was caused because you have one failed transaction that was not predicted in transaction history logic

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