Failed to transport error pls look into it

2024-07-08T07:29:56.143536Z ERROR new{name=cumulofuel-sepolia-testnet}:initialize_loop{service=“P2P”}: fuel_core_p2p::peer_report: 165: Dial failure: peer id Some(PeerId("16Uiu2HAmDxoChB7AheKNvCVpD4PHJwuDGn8rifMBEHmEynGHvHrf")) with error `Failed to negotiate transport protocol(s): [(/dns4/ : Timeout has been reached)]

getting this error after setting up the node, what to do pls help

Can you please share the output for the command fuelup show and the guide you are following?

Default host: x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu
fuelup home: /root/.fuelup

installed toolchains

latest-x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu (default)

active toolchain

latest-x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu (default)
forc : 0.61.2
- forc-client
- forc-deploy : 0.61.2
- forc-run : 0.61.2
- forc-crypto : 0.61.2
- forc-debug : 0.61.2
- forc-doc : 0.61.2
- forc-explore : not found
- forc-fmt : 0.61.2
- forc-lsp : 0.61.2
- forc-tx : 0.61.2
- forc-wallet : 0.8.1
fuel-core : 0.30.0
fuel-core-keygen : 0.30.0

fuels versions

forc : 0.64.0
forc-wallet : 0.64.0

this is the output I got from the command.

------------------------1-------------------------sudo apt-get update && sudo - < This is the pastebin link guide Im following.

Hey @plato01, I’d suggest you upgrade your toolchain to the testnet using this guide. and follow our official guide instead that’s being updated regularly, to run the node. lmk if you face any issues with it

Im getting these is it good now ?it was this after I installed nightly and rust.
but im still unable to add the rpc in my wallet ser is it under maintenance?

Yeah, these seem to be syncing perfectly.

We don’t have our RPC, we have a graphql endpoint instead of it
are you trying to add this?

yes it worked, the port 5000 is working, but is it okay I didnt create a new wallet I just made a peer id and running w it. is it okay ?

Do you mean generating a p2p key?

yea I did not create a new wallet as I had one already I generated a p2p key and ran it, its good right ?

Yes, i dont think that’s an issue, as you are only supposed to generate it for the first time and reuse it in the future