Feature request: show outline in VsCode and enable finding all references

Currently the sway extension is not able to show the outline of a file (functions and definitions):

Also the extension is not capable of finding all references of a variable, for example by rightclicking with the cursor on a function in solidity you find the following option:

Hi @Minh, thanks for the post. What version of forc-lsp do you have installed? And could you link to your sway project?

The outline of the file feature is working for me.

The find all reference feature is on our roadmap. Feel free to follow along here: Add Find All References feature · Issue #5961 · FuelLabs/sway · GitHub


Hey, appreciate your reply, turns out its working for me too now, not sure what went wrong earlier.

Then I would like to change the request to support folding of the outline, e.g. so its easier to see all functions of an impl block at a glance. Here is an example of what it looks like for a rust file:


That makes sense. I’ve opened an issue here: Nested outline of file for LSP · Issue #6100 · FuelLabs/sway · GitHub

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