Sway plugin couldn't be found or Code OSS based on instruction

I was following “Toolchain installation” and under the section [VSCode extensions] there is a link to Sway plugin.

I’m using Arch Linux and Code-OSS. Just by searching sway plugin under View > Extensions, I couldn’t find it. In order to be able to find it, I had to install AUR (en) - code-marketplace. Maybe it’s worth mentioning it in the instruction docs.

I would actually suggest extending documentation (where the code lines are) with tabs containing system based adjusted commands. Example: Chrome specific functionality | Selenium (here tabs are per language not per operating system).

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Hi there!
Thanks for raising this feedback.
I can’t directly commit our team to implement the requested changes due to our alpha stage. Creating OS tailored instructions increases the docs maintenance cost.

However, I´ll share this feedback with the documentation team so we can keep it in sight.

Thanks a lot :palm_tree:

Hi @sandusky,

Natalia isn’t working with Fuel in the foreseeable future, should we move this issue into GitHub?