ANy update on sway extension for vscode

Any ideas when the sway extension for vscode is gonna get updates regarding code suggestions and other important upgrades?

Hey @shivamlync what other important upgrades where you referring to?

  • code completion
  • apply suggestions from errors
  • find all references, workspace symbol search
  • Also same extension for nvim.
  • module functions import suggestions
  • module function auto import
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Hi @shivamlync

Thanks for your great suggestions! We have limited support for auto import already but there are probably more areas like functions we could expand this to. I’ll open an issue to track this.

Find all references and workspace symbol search would also be great. Same goes for applying suggestions for errors. I’ll see how we can accelerate some of these features.

Code completion is already implemented it’s just painfully slow to produce results due to the lack of caching in the compiler. We haven’t been pushing out new features as fast as we were previously as we’re currently focused on increasing performance and stability. Once we are able to implemented more granular caching in the compiler then we will be able to offer fast and helpful semantically aware auto-complete suggestions. Hopefully we’ll get there really soon.

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