Finality time in Fuel blockchain

What is the block finality time in Fuel? And after how many blocks can a transaction be considered final?

Hi @singhparshant ,

Fuel’s flagship optimistic rollup Fuel Ignition has similar finality to most other optimistic rollups, which can be defined as follows:

POA Sequencer Soft-Finality Target: 1 second
Ethereum-DA Inclusion: 1 second - several hours
Canonical Ethereum Bridge Withdraw Finality: 7 days

For all intense and purposes, the block can be considered final after 1 second, but will take sometime for it to finalize on Ethereum (7 days).

Fuel Labs is working on a fast finality mechanism we call Fuels Snap Gadget, which should allow us to reduce the withdraw window from 7 days to as little as one Ethereum block while still retaining the honest minority assumption of optimistic rollups without needing or requiring ZK proving for every system state transition.

You can read more about our fast finality research here:

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