forc deploy --url --gas-price 1

error: Found argument ‘–url’ which wasn’t expected, or isn’t valid in this context

    If you tried to supply `--url` as a value rather than a flag, use `-- --url`

forc deploy [OPTIONS] [SIGNING_KEY]

For more information try --help


This flag has been updated to be --node-url instead.

I also got an error using --node-url

forc-deploy --node-url --gas-price 2
  Compiled library "core".
  Compiled library "std".
  Compiled contract "counter-contract".
  Bytecode size is 60 bytes.
Contract id: 0xa8f18533afc18453323bdf17c83750c556916ab183daacf46d7a8d3c633a40ee
Please provide the address of the wallet you are going to sign this transaction with:fuel1r5uy834uf0x7c7wruaal8nkrskr2hhzmg8v2ap6rqpr8m7qw8nns0wv6vq
Error: Provider error: Response errors; Unknown field "status" on type "Message".
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This looks like it could be a version mismatch. Are you using the beta-2 toolchain as your default?


I don’t know how to deploy or run node is there any vedio by that we can do and learn?

You can use fuelup to switch your toolchain to beta-2. You can read about fuelup here. You can also take a look here to see some examples