Unable to deploy contract on beta-2 testnet

I’m following the Developer Quickstart tutorial in the Fuel Book and tried to deploy the Counter contract. I followed all the steps – create wallet, request ETH from faucet – but when I try to deploy using the command forc deploy --node-url https://node-beta-2.fuel.network/graphql --gas-price 1 and paste my address I’d use for signing, I get the error Error: Provider error: Response errors; Unknown field "status" on type "Message".

My terminal output:

❯ forc deploy --node-url node-beta-2.fuel.network/graphql --gas-price 1
  WARNING! unused manifest key: project.target
  WARNING! unused manifest key: project.target
  Compiled library "core".
  Compiled library "std".
  Compiled contract "counter_contract".
  Bytecode size is 232 bytes.
Contract id: 0x6b50d2b4e93c31f53d343c117b4a93ff1de73f8b40fbfd3afe48a8b94169b210
Please provide the address of the wallet you are going to sign this transaction with:fuel1w3qtll5qs7jauh7v05q069vmdxtl6utk6weqydtqxmdr9hl8gnus3wy9xy
Error: Provider error: Response errors; Unknown field "status" on type "Message".

I would appreciate any help. Thanks in advance.

It looks like you don’t have the beta-2 toolchain set as your default. You can check your default toolchain with fuelup show.

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Thanks it worked!

Just to summarize for anyone who gets stuck with the same issue, run the below commands to install the beta-2 toolchain (if not already installed) and set it to be the default –
fuelup toolchain install beta-2
fuelup default beta-2

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