`forc-doc --open` generates Doc without style

Hey guys, I’m trying to generate the doc using forc-doc --open but it generates Doc without any style


So there’s a known problem where there are conflicts between .cargo/bin and .fuelup/bin. You should be able to see which binary you are using by running which forc-doc. If it shows a path with .fuelup/bin, you can either update fuelup or try rm <path> and then reinstall. If the problem persists with fuelup, then you can also build from source and use the binary produced by cargo.

To do that, you’d need to clone the repository via git clone https://github.com/FuelLabs/sway.git into the directory of your choosing. Then cd into the sway directory and run cargo install --locked --path . forc will prefer fuleup binaries over cargo binaries, so if you go this route just make sure that the above step for removing the .fuelup/bin path is completed.

From there, running the command will work as intended. The reason you’re seeing no CSS is because the binary in that version of fuleup is outdated and contains the binary for forc-doc before CSS was added.