Old documentation is easier found than the new documentation

When setting up everything to be able to contribute to sway, one of the steps mentions typing “fuel-core” in the terminal to see if the setup was complete and correct. I did not have fuel-core, nor did I see anything about it on this page: Contributing To Sway - The Sway Programming Language

That’s when I googled the problem “fuel-core command not found” and I only found this very old documentation website: Installation - fuelup

After some more researching, I did find the new installation page.

Is this something you guys can change?

Thank you for pointing out this user experience issue. We are currently discussing internally the possibility of including a shortcut in forc for what you’re talking about. For example:

forc node --local
forc node --memory
forc node --testnet [beta-4 or latest]
forc node --mainnet