Installer does not add forc

I used the install command from the fuelup repo and even though the install got through, i can not run the forc rc command

installed with : curl --proto '=https' --tlsv1.2 -sSf | sh

using macos 13.2.1 (22D68)


Is there a specific forc sub-command that isn’t working or is forc not found at all in your terminal?

An alternative way to install forc is to use cargo install forc. The caveat of installing via cargo is that it is has to compile from scratch and you’ll have to ensure the version you’ve installed is compatible with the testnet you’re targeting.

It’s worth double checking if you have forc installed into your local ~/.fuelup/bin directory. If so, then you should also double check that the fuelup directory is added to your PATH environment variable.

Yeah fuelup should prompt about this on the initial install. You can echo $PATH to see if the ~/.fuelup/bin directory is on there.

 ~  ls .fuelup/bin/forc* 
.fuelup/bin/forc-explore .fuelup/bin/forc-index   .fuelup/bin/forc-wallet
 ~  forc
zsh: command not found: forc
 ~  echo $PATH | grep fuel

Checked all of them, seems that I have them in there

That output looks to me like the forc download didn’t succeed :thinking:

Could you:

  1. do ls ~/.fuelup/store and see what output you get?

  2. retry the installation step again and post the full output?

  3. If all else fails, we could also manually download the binaries from the GitHub release itself, but that would involve some manual steps. Could you see of 1) and 2) works for you first?

  ~  ls ~/.fuelup/store 
forc-0.35.5         forc-explore-0.28.1 forc-index-0.6.0    forc-index-0.6.1    forc-wallet-0.2.1   fuel-core-0.17.3    fuel-core-0.17.4    fuel-indexer-0.6.0  fuel-indexer-0.6.1

did the 1,2 also did cargo install and I have the same behaviour

OK, from that output it seems like the binaries were indeed installed to ~/.fuelup/store/forc-0.35.5 - could you ls that and see if you find forc there?

Since it’s there, I’m assuming the binaries were properly installed - try linking fuelup to forc by doing ln -s ~/.fuelup/bin/fuelup ~/.fuelup/bin/forc, and try executing forc again.

I just have a tar in that ls

ls ~/.fuelup/store/forc-0.35.5 

Oh, one thing you could also do is to use fuelup to install the binaries now since you have it (I’m assuming?) fuelup toolchain install latest.

If that doesn’t work too I think you might have to manually use tar to unpack the tarball.

So just checked now.
The tar is actually empty…

ls -la
total 0
drwxr-xr-x   3 tiberiulepadatu  staff   96 Mar 29 15:15 .
drwxr-xr-x  11 tiberiulepadatu  staff  352 Mar 29 15:44 ..
-rw-r--r--   1 tiberiulepadatu  staff    0 Mar 29 15:15 forc-0.35.5-darwin_amd64.tar.gz

Already ran that fuelup toolchain install latest .

OK, you might have to try the manual installation step here if you want to use fuelup unfortunately :confused:

  1. Download the correct tarball from Release v0.35.5 · FuelLabs/sway · GitHub

  2. extract it into where you just found the empty tarball, i.e. ~/.fuelup/store/forc-0.35.5 (this is how fuelup finds your binaries)

  3. running fuelup toolchain install latest again should link the existing binaries into your toolchain directory at ~/.fuelup/toolchains/latest-…/bin

Sorry for the trouble!

Were there any useful output when the download seemingly failed? This could help us in finding out what’s wrong.