Fuel Explorer - explorer, GPT, notifications & much more

Hey Fuel Team!

I am sure ya’ll have looked into Etherscan which is $1M+/year.

I am the co-founder of app.lorescan.com - we’d love to discuss being THE explorer for Fuel. Fuel users would get the explorer, LoreGPT, notifications, and much more!

We’re launching support for a few other network customers this month and have over 100,000 users for our Ethereum explorer.

My TG is @ryanm27 if that is easier, excited to speak with the Fuel team!

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Hey @ryanlore really glad to see you here! :slight_smile:

Appreciate you reaching out and considering an integration with us. It’s always encouraging to see like-minded teams looking to collaborate in this space.

At the moment, we’re channeling our energy into further developing our own block explorer. It’s a project that’s close to our heart, open-source, and aligns closely with our vision for local and remote utility.

While we’re focusing on building and enhancing our in-house tools right now, we definitely appreciate what you’re doing in the ecosystem. It’s important to have a strong network of innovators and thought leaders.

Let’s definitely keep the lines of communication open for the future. :palm_tree::fuelpump:

Hey @calldelegation - impressive! Building a great explorer is definitely not a light lift so much respect to you.

I guess it’s a question of the tooling you’re building, at Lore we include the following

  • explorers
  • multiple txn views
  • performant API’s
  • Bubble Maps
  • Bookmarking + tagging
  • LoreGPT (Have a convo with every contract + txn)
  • All the dev tooling you’ll need
  • Network stats

I’d consider us a suite of analytics, developer, and consumer tooling, while you’re explorer efforts are commendable we want to help you compete with all of the other networks that are partnering with this much needed tooling.

Let me know if there is a change of heart at Fuel!