I'm running Node, but am I on the right toolchain? (latest, testnet, nightly)

testnet-x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu (default)

I am using the testnet one of the toolchains above, but there has been no sync for the last 5 days. (My eth balances are not synchronized.) My node sends 25 requests per minute. Could this be due to this? I think it should be equalized in 5 days. Maybe I’m running the wrong toolchain? Can anyone give an idea?

Hi @Maverick,

Can you provide the results of fuelup show first so we can properly help you?

Second, what is the Ethereum RPC provider you are using, have you checked that you haven’t gone over their rate limit?



Hi @nick, thank you for your interest.

In this image, I could see that it was synchronous, then I restarted the node and it started to include tx’s. So could there have been a mistake? I doubt it. It restarted the synchronization from 5 days ago.

Additionally, when I want to go to Explorer on my own node, it directs me to a link like this.

Am I using the wrong version?

Okay @Maverick so your node is now syncing correctly?

As far as the link it provided you, where exactly did you get this link from, the CLI output?

Note, that link is very old. The current block explorer link is: https://app.fuel.network.