Fuel Network Guides & Resources

From Cumulo, we would like to share our guidelines for using the Fuel testnet.

Learn how to run a node on the Fuel Network with our detailed guide. Read it in English:
Running a Node on Fuel Network

Now also available in Spanish:
Corriendo un Nodo en Fuel Network

And in GitHub


FUEL GraphQL Queries

Also available in Spanish:
Consultas FUEL GraphQL

And in GitHub

We’ve just published a detailed guide on setting up custom monitoring for a Fuel node using Grafana and Node Exporter. Learn how to:

  • Implement robust monitoring for your Fuel node
  • Gain insights into performance and status
  • Set up and visualize custom metrics with ease
  • Check out the full guide here: Custom Monitoring a Fuel Node with Grafana and Node Exporter

And in GitHub: