Fuel-Ts version warning


I am using this version of fuel-ts :

"fuels": "0.90.0",

and the below provider:

async init(): Promise<void> {
    this.client = await Provider.create(

And getting this warning since yesterday:

The Fuel Node that you are trying to connect to is using fuel-core version 0.30.0,
which is not supported by the version of the TS SDK that you are using.
Things may not work as expected.
Supported fuel-core version: 0.27.0.

Is the URL updated ?

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just today we have released v0.90.0 and with it support for fuel-core v0.30.0. That warning indicates that you’re still using v0.89.2. Perhaps you didn’t run pnpm install after setting your fuels version to 0.90.0 in your package.json?


Thanks, i reinstalled the dependencies and it is gone now.

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