Fuel Wallet Report Week 1

Create a new mnemonic phrase account : Running smoothly :+1:

Recover an account using mnemonic phrase : Running smoothly :+1:

Account : Making 2 accounts :+1:

Add new account : Running smoothly

Update account name : Cannot change name

List all account : listed

Faucet for testnet : Running and fast :+1:

Transaction history: appear at blockexplorer

Check your asset’s balance : appear :+1:

Show/hidden balances: running smoothly

Transactions :+1:

Receive Assets via address or QR Code : cannot send

Send Assets : cannot send (send is not implemented yet)

Receive asset ( the channel show address & QR Code)

Transaction History : not check yet

View transaction details : not check yet

Settings :+1:

Reveal your passphrase : Running smoothly

Change password : Running Smoothly

Export accout privateKey : Not yet

Manage networks : Not yet :confused:

Applications : Not yet :confused:

List connections

Remove connections

DApps integration : Not yet :confused:

Request connection

List accounts

Sign messages

Send transactions

Disconnect applications