Wallet got wiped and the seed phrase does not restore any account information. How do i fix?

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i dont feel that one can recreate this issue. please ask questions.
steps below:
had a blackout at my place. When to relog back into my fuel wallet. went to the fuel extension and nothing was there to sign in like normal.
So went about to using my seed phrase to restore my wallet and all the accounts. inputted the seed phrase and all i had was one account that was unnamed and had some test net Eth on it.

See error code on the screenshot.

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    I have removed fuel extension, cleared my cache and the shut the computer down for good measure. Then rebooted computer, reinstalled the extension, typed in the seed phrase again.

still only have one account on the wallet.

Im at a loss as to what do to do. i had 50 accounts on there all working and now i have nothing. Its a huge hit to me and im feeling really discouraged right now. i dont feel like starting again from scratch.

hi @S3thypoo4U , sorry for your experience.

Your local db probably corrupted and although fuel wallet has security measures implemented to try recovering, it may not have worked on your case.

Wallet account uses bip44, which means you can add all derived accounts from your seed phrase again and just keep using them.
In case you had accounts imported from privateKey, the only way to have them again is re-adding from privateKey

Hello, i had the same problem today . and this is not the first time this is happening .

So i wont be able to recover my old accounts. Thats super frustrating. I wish that was a better mentioned to the users when we first started up.

would the developers be making adjustments to the wallet program so all our accounts can be reclaimed with the Seed phrase?

So, what about all the MM accounts i had connected to those previous fuel accounts? will i have to connect the MMs to new fuel accounts?

Just create the wallet again from the same seed phrase and you will be able to recover all the accounts inside of that seed phrase. Just click on “Add Account” in “Accounts” section.

If you added accounts from a specific pkey, this specific accounts will not be recoverable, but you should have the pkey right? if you had it to add the account you should still have it.

Anyway I will raise this to the team and we should add a disclaimer on the “Add Account from private key” screen, informing that those will not be recoverable