Getting balance changes from a transfer dry run

I want to see balance changes (including the gas fees) for a transfer request. From the docs of dryRun method - The dryRun method should be used to dry-run a contract call.
How can i get the balance changes for transfer requests ?


Hi dear,
as you can see there is no option for that in fuel wallet at the moment

  1. But in the fulet wallet you can see it saying it is coming soon.

Therefore we can see this feature future in this network !

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@dapkns Thanks for the reply.
But we do have a method called dry run in the typescript sdk right ?

Can’t we use this to get the balance changes ?

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@singhparshant To get the estimated balance difference from a contract call

// the maxFee (Big Number) here will be the estimated balance to be deducted. 
const { maxFee } = await

For a simple transfer with the base asset ID:

const transferAmount = 1000;

const transactionRequest = await myWallet.createTransfer(

const { maxFee } = await provider.getTransactionCost(transactionRequest)

// When the transfer amount is from the base asset ID, the transfer amount should be part of the calculation
const estimatedBalanceToBeDeducted: BN = maxFee.add(transferAmount)

However, this is just an estimation. This happens because the VM calculates the fee using the gas price which is a value that fluctuates and it can change on every new block.


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