Beta-5 fuels-ts sending 3x requests than beta-4

Checking the bandwidth of my webapp, I am seeing that after changing to beta-5 I was being locked out of the rpc due to too many requests

No changes to logic, just bumping packages to beta-5 compatible, I see there are 3 times as many requests specifically on contract ‘simulations’ to get contract state queries

I can confirm that my code is not looping into it 3-4 times, and that the simulate call just sends out multiple requests

Each time, there are 2 duplicate ‘dry runs’ and then one ‘coins to spend’ rpc call

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Hey @diyahir, could you please confirm which version of fuels you are using?


 yarn list --pattern fuel
├─ @fuel-ts/abi-coder@0.73.0
├─ @fuel-ts/abi-typegen@0.73.0
├─ @fuel-ts/address@0.73.0
├─ @fuel-ts/contract@0.73.0
├─ @fuel-ts/crypto@0.73.0
├─ @fuel-ts/errors@0.73.0
├─ @fuel-ts/forc@0.73.0
├─ @fuel-ts/fuel-core@0.73.0
├─ @fuel-ts/hasher@0.73.0
├─ @fuel-ts/hdwallet@0.73.0
├─ @fuel-ts/interfaces@0.73.0
├─ @fuel-ts/math@0.73.0
├─ @fuel-ts/merkle@0.73.0
├─ @fuel-ts/mnemonic@0.73.0
├─ @fuel-ts/predicate@0.73.0
├─ @fuel-ts/program@0.73.0
├─ @fuel-ts/providers@0.73.0
├─ @fuel-ts/script@0.73.0
├─ @fuel-ts/signer@0.73.0
├─ @fuel-ts/transactions@0.73.0
├─ @fuel-ts/utils@0.73.0
├─ @fuel-ts/versions@0.73.0
├─ @fuel-ts/wallet-manager@0.73.0
├─ @fuel-ts/wallet@0.73.0
├─ @fuel-ts/wordlists@0.73.0
├─ @fuel-ui/css@0.23.0
├─ @fuel-ui/design-tokens@0.23.0
├─ @fuel-ui/icons@0.23.0
├─ @fuel-ui/react@0.23.0
│  ├─ @fuel-ts/errors@0.71.1
│  ├─ @fuel-ts/math@0.71.1
│  └─ @fuel-ts/versions@0.71.1
├─ @fuel-wallet/react@0.15.2
├─ @fuel-wallet/sdk@0.15.2
├─ @fuel-wallet/types@0.15.2
├─ @fuels/assets@0.1.5
├─ @fuels/vm-asm@0.42.1
└─ fuels@0.73.0
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Thanks. We’ll look into this via:


Hello @diyahir. Can you give us the code that is resulting in these 3 times more requests?

It can help us to narrow down and find the bug more quickly.

let price = (
          await oracle.functions
            .txParams({ gasPrice: 1, gasLimit: 2000000 })

basically anything with simulate i see sending like 3-4 calls,

I can also push the webapp live and you guys look at it, but the code is currently closed sourced

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Looking through this PR, great work, appreciate the speed :saluting_face:

Looking forward to the merge


RPC will thank you haha

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The fix has been merged and should be released soon. :tada:

I’ll let you know when it’s out.