Graphql url doesn't work

Playground url http://ip_address:4001/playground is working fine but when I tried to import graphql url in my wallet then I got “invalid url” error.

Hey @Akash6222, are you trying to add testnet URL in the wallet? If that’s the case, then the URL is

you can read more about it from the docs here

I have deployed my own local node, and trying to connect with same. Docs instead of ip I have put ip of my vps. So that I would be accessible.

Hi @Akash6222 ,

Can you please provide the results of fuelup show here first.

Hey @Akash6222, I had a talk with Tanishq and he mentioned that you want to deploy a fuel node to the cloud and I have confirmed that this guide you’re following is outdated and a lot of things have changed since then.

I would suggest you to follow our official node guide and this guide will also work for the cloud platforms.

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