Hi error os , plase help me…

Hi error os , plase help me…… Please help, it was run from the dock

And how to run the node?

Hi @Fmusicmc,

Just having the team review this, we will get back to you shortly.

Hello, the problem is solved. The reason was not copying metadata and files on the server. Only the current problem in the log is error

Can you expand on what you did to resolve this issue, so that if others have it they can search for it here?

Also, I’ll see if the team can look into this error, thank you!

I downloaded the files in the link and put them in a folder called meta Copy on root : fuel-core/bin/fuel-core/chainspec/testnet at 9fddeccb4d112c148f6793bc3d21131a13778a25 · FuelLabs/fuel-core · GitHub
Then I edited the folder path in the final file and the node was executed. But the problem is, we get an error, which I think may be from RPC


fuel-core run \ --service-name fmusicmc \ --keypair f804655a34c05c6d7caa2a546b8546880b731781f3659129e2dbb6aa7d9a9b45 \ --relayer https://sepolia.infura.io/v3/6991c8f9d2344927bc04bf8a64dba8eb \ --ip --port 4000 --peering-port 30333 \ --db-path ~/.testnet \ --snapshot $Home/root/meta \ --utxo-validation --poa-instant false --enable-p2p \ --min-gas-price 1 --max-block-size 18874368 --max-transmit-size 18874368 \ --reserved-nodes /dns4/p2p-devnet.fuel.network/tcp/30333/p2p/16Uiu2HAm6pmJUedRFjennk4A8yWL6zCApHCuykzRRroqMjjxZ8o6,/dns4/p2p-devnet.fuel.network/tcp/30334/p2p/16Uiu2HAm8dBwTRzqazCMqQDdR8thMa7BKiW4ep2B4DoQQp6Qhyfd \ --sync-header-batch-size 100 \ --enable-relayer \ --relayer-v2-listening-contracts 0x01855B78C1f8868DE70e84507ec735983bf262dA \ --relayer-da-deploy-height 5827607 \ --relayer-log-page-size 2000 ` ``

The team did not have an opinion about the log and error not working?

You receive the error from Ethreum RPC endpoint. I would suggest to decrease --relayer-log-page-size maybe to 500 or 100.

BTW, you are connecting to the devnet right now. If you want to connect to testnet, you need to use another reserved nodes --reserved-nodes /dns4/p2p-testnet.fuel.network/tcp/30333/p2p/16Uiu2HAmDxoChB7AheKNvCVpD4PHJwuDGn8rifMBEHmEynGHvHrf (There is PR up to update the documentation).

Also, you need to download the snapshot of the genesis block from chain-configuration/ignition at master · FuelLabs/chain-configuration · GitHub