Introducing Fuel - The Fastest Modular Execution Layer

Fuel v1 began as a layer-2 (L2) scalability technology for a monolithic Ethereum. It was the first optimistic rollup on mainnet Ethereum, deployed at the end of 2020. The project has grown significantly since its humble inception, now boasting more than 35 of the best and brightest engineers and support from some of the best blockchain firms and industry leaders.
Fuel is designed specifically to leverage this additional bandwidth in ways no other scalability system can. Fuel is the fastest execution layer for the modular blockchain stack , delivering the highest security and flexible throughput. The word “flexible” here is important because it means Ethereum-style interoperable Turing-complete smart contracts, and not just simple transfers.
Fuel defines a modular execution layer as: a verifiable computation system designed for the modular blockchain stack.
Fuel specializes in making execution as efficient as possible. This is in contrast to rollups that have been deployed to date, which have optimized for monolithic problems such as constrained bandwidth. As Ethereum grows, projects that do not adapt will continue to suffer the consequences of a compute-constrained design space. The time for modular execution is now.