Comments About Fuel Branding & Language

First, it’s awesome to see Fuel inching closing and closer to a mainnet launch. Been a long-term fan of Fuel and the team behind it.

My comments primarily surround the “brand” and language being used to promote the Fuel platform.

It’s all very technical and from and outsiders perspective is hard to fully grasp the benefits of Fuel compared to other popular platform/stacks i.e. Optimism, Arbitrum, Polygon, etc…

For example the Performance, Sustainability and Interoperability sections on the home page are pretty difficult to understand even and more difficult to infer “why” I should care about those features. It makes a lot of assumptions about deeply esoteric blockchain topics that I may or may not be familiar with.

On the “What Is Fuel” page I am met with “Fuel is an operating system purpose-built for Ethereum rollups. Fuel’s unique architecture rollups to solve for PSI (parallelization, state minimized execution, interoperability)”… which if am being honest are not really problems that I know our problems in the most immediate sense.

If I think long and hard about this language and use heuristics from other ecosystems (Solana with parallelization, Bitcoin with state minimized execution and Optimism with interoperability) I start to get a sense of “why” Fuel is such an interesting project, but even then it’s still very abstract.

From my limited technical understanding of Fuel my take-away is the “Rollup Operating System” is the most well positioned to reach the scale of today’s credit card networks i.e. Visa, MasterCard, etc… because of it’s unique properties, but because the Fuel language is so technically focused I am not completely confident in that conclusion.

That being said, I don’t necessarily think Fuel should drop the very technical language, because if you take the time to wade through everything, it’s really quite impressive, but it would be great to see it accompanied with more “left curve” language/branding to increase it’s approachability.

IMO why projects like Optimism and Base have done so well is because they focus primarily on the “human” side of the technology and don’t inundate users/developers with deeply technical language at the very start.

Excited for the future of Fuel, and think a big unlock would be to augment the current technical approach with more “human” centric language that helps us normies better understand the “why” of this new Rollup Operating System.

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Hi @metasudo ,

Thanks so much for this feedback, I’ve sent it over to the growth org. As we rebuild the site and positioning, we will incorporate this feedback.

FWIW we aren’t happy yet with our site and positioning just yet, so this really translates for us on the internal side as well.

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