Not able to deploy contract

I have used features like Map. I am able to compile it in nightly version. When I switch the chain to latest it throws compilation error. So I have to compile it in nightly version and then deploy. But the when I deploy, it doesn’t get deployed from the base command forc deploy nor it gets deployed from this command forc deploy --node-url
Can you suggest a way to deploy the contract and consume it in a dapp…

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Hi @shivamlync do you have the testnet toolchain installed? Beta-5 toolchain will be compatible with the Beta-5 network. If you are compiling with the latest toolchain (which is the testnet toolchain at the time of writing) you should look to deploying to the testnet network instead.

Actually, I need to integrate the contract with a dapp. So until I have a deployed version of that contract, I can’t do anything related to that contract. Also any calculated timeline when the testnet explorer will be live

Heyo @shivamlync can you try this one?